The Most Common Central Air Conditioner Problems In 2022

September 15, 2022


Like all electric devices, air conditioners require routine maintenance. Some smart gadgets, such as smart AC controllers, keep you up to speed on maintenance concerns. Nonetheless, you should also keep an eye on things on your own. Complications with central air conditioning systems occasionally occur, although they are usually not alarming. The majority of the time, these issues can be resolved quickly and don’t have any deeper causes.

The summer season is almost over, but your central air conditioning system unwaveringly continues its seasonal magic. Air conditioners, which are often neglected in the winter months, are once again the talk of the town, along with air conditioner issues.

But don’t worry!

As professional HVAC contractors , we have compiled a list of these frequent air conditioner problems in 2022. If you suspect that your AC is acting up and are unsure of what may be wrong, have a look at this blog post.

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AC Running All The Time

This might be a concern if your air conditioner is always operating. Although it is normal to leave your air conditioner running, you should allow your unit to rest and keep your thermostat temperature stable. If your air conditioner continues to run, it may necessitate a quick cleaning or repair.

Our crew swiftly helps its clients with any HVAC maintenance, installation, or repair needs, as well as answer any concerns they may have regarding their HVAC system.

Your AC Is Leaking Water

A small water leak is not a cause for concern when your air conditioner is operating on a hot or humid day. But if your AC unit is leaving large pools of water, it typically means you need to update your filter or get it cleaned.

Our experienced cooling and heating crew can provide rapid repairs and maintenance on your HVAC system as well as assistance with all of your household needs.

Your AC Is Making Loud Noises

On the whole, central air conditioners create a lot of noise. During startup, you might hear short clicks, clunking noises, squeals, or shudders. During operation, there is a steady, mild hum, with the odd gurgling.

However, be cautious of unexpected or loud noises (such as screeching or grinding). They might indicate major power issues. Blocked airflow creates some extreme sound effects, so adjust your filter first. If unexpected air conditioner noises continue to bother you, try to figure out the position and type of sound so you can explain it to your HVAC service for repair.

Your Air Conditioner Stinks

Smells from your central air conditioner can be perplexing as they don’t always originate from the unit itself. Instead, odours are dispersed throughout your house via the HVAC ducting. Two examples are a “rotten egg” fragrance from a natural gas leak or cigarette smoke from someone smoking indoors.

Other odours, such as burning, coolant, or exhaust, are caused by an air conditioner issue. However, the majority of other air conditioner odours indicate a serious issue. In such cases, turn off the system and call for immediate HVAC repair.

Damaged Compressor

The compressor is an essential AC component that aids refrigerants in heat exchange and regulates AC pressure. AC compressor failure may be caused by dirty coils, fluctuations in refrigerant levels, and a lack of maintenance.

If there is insufficient refrigerant, the compressor will overheat and stop operating. If there is more than what is needed, the extra refrigerant will generate substantial pressure in the unit, which might cause it to fail.

Your Air Conditioner Freezes Up

In the summer, you want your central air conditioning to be pleasant and cool but not freezing! A frozen air conditioner isn’t always a huge deal. However, ignoring it might lead to costly damage to the AC system.

Replace the air filter! Additionally, boost the thermostat level by a few degrees, especially before leaving for work or going to bed at night.

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