Gas Fireplace Services Vancouver

Everyone wants to enjoy a little personal time around their fireplace and enjoy a cup of coffee. This makes the place not only a source of warmth but a place carrying uncountable memories. However, if your gas fireplace is not clean, has ashes, or produces smoke. All this will ruin the ambiance and your room will smell bad too. Moreover, a leaking and badly maintained gas fireplace can be hazardous to you and your family's lives.

Gas Fireplace

When To Get Your Gas Fireplace Checked

There might be no wood ashes, smoke, or cinders left behind in a gas fireplace, but it still needs constant maintenance and checkups. Taking regular care helps them run safely and helps avoid gas leaks that can cause bigger problems. Dust, ashes, and other debris stuck in the fireplace can impact its efficiency and result in gas wastage. Hence, increasing your utility bills and chances of the need to replace the system earlier on.


Why Should You Get Your Fireplace Cleaned?

It might be easy to ignore cleaning and maintaining a gas fireplace until it stops working. However, experts recommend a yearly tune-up for your gas fireplace and other similar appliances in order to ensure safe operations. Debris and dust build-up can damage the components and pilot igniter.

Why Choose Pro West Heating & Conditioning?

You can rely on Pro West Heating & Air Conditioning to maintain your gas fireplace and clean it. We have professional gas fireplace service technicians to service gas fireplaces in Vancouver and its surrounding areas. Our expert technicians visit your location and carry out the necessary steps to properly maintain your gas fireplace. Along with our technical expertise, and friendly professionals, Pro-West provides you with optimum and fair pricing.

What Is Included In Vancouver's Best Gas Fireplace Services?

Some of the things our experts do include:

  • Cleaning the pilot igniter
  • Adjusting the unit burner's setting
  • Checking seals for safety
  • Cleaning front glass
  • Clean heat exchange and burn areas
  • Adjusting thermopile and thermocouple
  • Adjusting gas valve pressure
  • Adjusting Pilot light
  • Fireplace installation
  • Fireplace repair and maintenance services