Top Boiler Installation & Repair

We offer hassle-free boiler replacements, repairs and installations. Our team of technical experts have you covered. They go through the whole process with you to ensure everything is done to your satisfaction.


Your boiler system is responsible for keeping your house at a comfortable temperature throughout the winter. A faulty or inefficient boiler system will not only cause a spike in your electricity bills but also affect the environment of your house.

If you are facing any issues with your boiler or feel that it is not working properly, our team of experts can help you find and mitigate the problem. We ensure that our technicians are thoroughly trained. All members of our team are certified and undergo regular industry training so they are proficient with ongoing trends.


When it is time to install a new boiler, you need qualified technicians to ensure you are investing in the right equipment and it is being installed correctly.

At Pro West, we are pleased to offer our customers high-quality, high-efficiency boiler systems from the industry’s leading manufacturers. Our experts are trained to deliver the best services backed by a 100 percent guarantee. If you are unsure whether your boiler system needs to be replaced or repaired, our team can help you make a viable and budget friendly decision.