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Our aim is to provide customers with service that's cost-effective and a furnace that's energy efficient.

That means we never solely rely on "a trained eye" to guide us — instead, we draw data directly from your furnace before we recommend any repair work or replacements.

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Based in Coquitlam, BC, Pro West Heating & Air Conditioning has been servicing local Coquitlam home heating systems for over 20 years.

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Common Furnace Questions

To help you save money and live in a more comfortable home! A poorly maintained furnace is inefficient, leading to higher utility bills and rooms that are harder to keep warm.

To keep your electric or gas furnace in good working condition, experts recommend that you get it inspected and maintained annually by an experienced heating and air conditioning technician.

It includes both an inspection and thorough cleaning of key heating system areas.

The inspection is vital for making sure your furnace is operating safely, that its components are still in good condition, and that you're able to initiate a repair before something goes wrong.

Cleaning ensures that you avoid unnecessary early repair work and that sensors are able to take accurate measurements so that your furnace can run efficiently.

Routine furnace service costs around $150-$200, although it can be more if you're looking to get air conditioning service or HVAC repair taken care of at the same time.

For things like furnace repair, installation, or replacement, costs vary depending on how much work needs to be done. There's no harm in calling to get a free quote - it can help you precisely budget for your heating system's needs.