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Common HVAC Questions

To keep your home's heating and air conditioning appliances in top shape and running efficiently, you should have the entire system inspected and maintained at least once per year by a qualified professional.

A well-maintained system will help you enjoy a more comfortable home, pay less on your utility bills, and avoid the cost of unnecessary repairs or early equipment failure.

Heating and air conditioning systems can become less efficient as they age, but most of their efficiency can be maintained through regular upkeep and the occasional fix or repair.

That's the main purpose behind annual or seasonal inspections — they let you know when it's time to replace a worn part, repair a faulty sensor, or even install a brand new unit, so you end up running a costly, inefficient system for years.

It depends on what your home needs. Seasonal maintenance for something like an AC unit or water heater will likely take just an hour or two at most, while projects like furnace installations or ducting for a new construction job can take significantly longer because supporting electrical, gas, or plumbing systems need to be taken into consideration.

Yes, this type of insurance does typically cover HVAC systems.

However, you'll want to keep in mind that the coverage practically never includes regular wear and tear, and can be withheld if your insurer feels that you're at fault for not maintaining the system properly or taking care of necessary repairs.