Big Mistakes You’re Making With Your Air Conditioner

August 4, 2022

Big Mistakes You're Making With Your Air Conditioner

All-time high temperatures are breaking records due to global warming. An upward trend is literal and figurative in the electricity bills that come after using air conditioners non-stop in an attempt to kill this heat. However, knowingly or unknowingly you are doing things that come as mistakes and deteriorate the effectiveness and efficiency of your air conditioner.

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The following blog explains some common mistakes that can hurt your air conditioner and some simple adjustments that can make it easy for your lungs and pocket too.

You Aren’t Changing Or Cleaning Your AC Filters

The filters in your AC trap all the dust that comes in with the hot air it is extracting from the interior of your home. The dust trapped in the filters can block the air exchange thus hindering the effectiveness of your system.

Therefore, the biggest mistake you can commit is not changing your AC filters regularly. The bare minimum you can do if not change then at least wash the filters once a month. It is a recommended practice by all air conditioner maintenance experts to change your air filters at least twice a year. This small action will help to keep your AC functional for a longer period of time.

You Aren’t Having Your System Serviced Annually

You can be doing everything right with your AC or split unit, but still, it will start losing its efficiency over time. It is natural, however, you can slow down the process by getting your unit serviced annually. The servicing involves thorough cleaning and making sure that the level of refrigerant gas in the air conditioner is up to the optimum level. So, call a quality HVAC contractor who holds expertise in installing, repairing, and maintenance of all HVAC system appliances.

You Don’t Have A Programmable Thermostat

You are surely a superhero if you don’t forget to program the thermostat every time you leave the house. However, if you are like the rest of us then a smart and programmable thermostat can save hundreds of dollars for you annually. It will automatically adjust the temperature for those times of the day when you are at work or away from home.

Moreover, having a mobile-controlled smart thermostat can give you more control over the temperature of your home with greater convenience.

You Are Setting Your Thermostat Too Low

Research shows that the human body can adapt to temperatures really quickly, almost within a week or two. So, if you lower the settings of your air conditioner by one degree you can lower your bill by 3%. Not to mention the immense environmental benefits you’ll get by using your air conditioner less.

Hence, it is unnecessary to create a winter-like situation in your home by overworking your cooling system. Doing so will not only increase your electricity bill but also lower the working life of your air conditioning system.

You Are Not Taking Full Advantage Of Fans

Any fan, especially a ceiling fan can immensely help in circulating the cool air inside your home. Switching them on will take off some of the burden from your air conditioner. Here is a tip: make sure that your fans are moving counterclockwise in the summer, this will increase the airflow and circulation.

You Are Cooling Empty Rooms

In the case of a central cooling system, it is possible that the vents of your AC open in every room of your house. This means that you are cooling a lot of real estate that may not be in use on a daily basis. Cooling empty rooms are nothing but just a waste of energy and power for your air conditioner. By cooling empty rooms you are overworking your AC unit causing it to lose its effectiveness and wear out earlier.

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