The Biggest Air Conditioning Myths And The Truth Behind Them

June 23, 2022

The Biggest Air Conditioning Myths And The Truth Behind ThemSummer is currently at its peak, and so is air conditioning-related stress and frustration. At this time of the year, we receive the largest number of AC-related queries from irritated and fed-up customers. While some are agitated by their continuously deteriorating home air quality, others seem worried about their suddenly rising energy bills. Most of the time, we hear them place the whole blame upon their air conditioners. However, in many cases, your air conditioner is utterly innocent, and the reason behind the discomfort is something else.All we are saying is that do not be too hasty in declaring your air conditioner guilty of any discomfort or rising bills. You should give it the benefit of the doubt and find the real culprit. Surprisingly, the aforementioned public mindset is merely a hint of the number of misconceptions people have regarding air conditioning. As professional HVAC contractors, we advise people to do their research before believing in any AC-related myths.In truth, homeowners who easily fall for such fallacies stand a higher risk of falling into the hands of the wrong people and losing their money to treacherous HVAC contractors. Indeed, we can not rid the world of these shadowy businesses and baseless misconceptions. Still, we can surely play a role in educating you regarding the issues and their potential dangers.Over our years of service in Vancouver, numerous clients have shared their concerns and tales about how their investments in their ACs went down the drain as a result of believing in unsubstantiated myths.In order to save our clients from such miseries in the future, this blog post will discuss the truth behind some of the most common air conditioner myths and how they cost you money.

Air Conditioner Repair And Maintenance Services Are A Waste Of Money

Many people believe that HVAC companies often overemphasize the importance of timely air conditioning repair and maintenance services. To be honest, whether you request air conditioning repair or maintenance services is ultimately your decision. No contractor has the right to force you. However, we have a responsibility to guide you to the right path.If you think of it in a straight way, our reasoning will surely make sense and help you save money. If you disregard a minor AC problem today, you will only incur increased repair or replacement costs in the future. In the end, who bears the burden? No one but you.

A Ceiling Fan Cools The Air

This is perhaps one of the biggest misconceptions people have. It does not directly cost you money, but the intention behind it might be doing so. A ceiling fan is harmless and not really a waste of money. This machine swirls the air around it which makes it come in contact with your skin at a fast speed, thereby causing seat evaporation. This evaporation is what makes you feel cooler. In truth, the room’s temperature remains the same. Only an air conditioner and similar appliances have the ability to change a room’s temperature.Visit an extremely hot country and turn on the ceiling fan. Instead of feeling cooler, you will encounter a discomforting sensation as the hot air quickly rushes across your skin. Conclusively, if you install a ceiling fan with the hopes that it will aid your AC in providing better cooling, then you are wasting your money.

Bigger Is Better

This misconception relates to the false beliefs regarding an AC unit’s size. Most people believe that a bigger AC unit will provide better cooling. In reality, the latter is an utter waste of money. An AC’s efficiency is dependent on its quality and the area it needs to cool. Installing a bigger AC for a small area when a smaller unit could do the job with the same efficiency is not a wise decision.

Outdoor Units Can Be Placed Anywhere

Outdoor units are perhaps the most neglected part of an air conditioner. Despite being the backbone and the driving force behind the whole cooling system, they do not receive the necessary care. Most people believe it is okay to place outdoor units anywhere. However, unregulated exposure to harsh elements like extreme sunlight, heat, and rain decrease its lifespan faster than you can imagine. Thus, you must place it in a shady area with the least exposure to strong winds.

Repairs Do Not Mandate Hiring A Professional HVAC Contractor

While many people acknowledge the need for prompt repairs, they disregard the importance of hiring a professional HVAC contractor for the job. It is wrong for you to assume that an average electrician will be able to handle the problem as diligently as an HVAC expert.Read Also: Top Benefits Of Hiring A Professional AC Repair CompanyAn electrician may find a temporary solution to a problem but they will not be able to understand the deep-rooted cause of the problem. Thus, the problem will persist. Therefore, only a professional HVAC contractor will know how to eradicate the problem from the root and ensure it doesn’t happen again.

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