Shutting Down The Furnace For The Summer

July 21, 2022

Shutting Down The Furnace For The Summer

We are well into the time when the dependable gas furnace in your Vancouver home will no longer need to provide its warmth until we come across the fall again. Canadian winters and summers make the HVAC system work a lot, causing a serious hike in utility bills. However, there are many ways you can control the steepness in your utility bill graph: one of them is by completely or partially shutting down the furnace in the summer.

However, certain factors need to be taken into consideration when it comes to a furnace shutdown. As professional HVAC contractors , we believe it is our duty to enlighten you regarding the matter. The following blog aims to explain furnace shutdown and why it is needed in detail.

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What Does A Furnace Shutdown Mean?

You might think, “of course, I will shut down my furnace in the summer! All I have to do is ensure that the thermostat is set at a point where heat won’t come out.” But what you are thinking is not shutting down. It is simply turning off the furnace.

When it is recommended to shut down the furnace, it means to cut off the gas or electricity supply completely. In this manner, the furnace will not waste energy, and you can control unwanted hikes in your utility bills.

Moreover, other components that you need to look into when shutting down your furnace include checking its bearings, pilot light, motor, and heater exchange. By taking care of these aspects, you will ensure that your furnace will be ready to work again when temperatures fall again.

Why Does Your Furnace Use Energy In The Summer?

If you have a furnace that has a pilot light to ignite the system’s burners, the pilot light will waste energy in the summer. During this time of the year, you don’t want to switch your furnace on suddenly. Therefore, there is no need to keep the pilot turned on. So, shut the valve, and your pilot will go out and turn off.

This action will save you money and have a positive impact on the lifetime of your furnace as well.

A gas furnace also has some electrical connections, such as sensors. These can also needlessly draw power to the furnace in the summer. This will only add to the already high electricity bills of the summer months. It is recommended that you shut down the electrical connection of the furnace through the electrical breaker panel.

This will also prevent the furnace from turning on accidentally when someone is playing with the thermostat or during a small cold snap. Shutting down a furnace can be a tricky task. It is better to leave the job to a furnace professional. In case anything goes wrong, always contact a professional for furnace-related services.

Partial Furnace Shutdown

If you have a central air conditioning HVAC system, then you should not shut the electrical components of your furnace from the breaker. This is because in a central HVAC system, the air conditioner and furnace both use the same blower fan and electrical components. Thus, turning off the furnace’s electrical components will turn off the AC as well!

However, it is still recommended to go for partial closure of the furnace by just shutting down the gas components of the furnace. You can save on your utility bills as well as avoid any unwanted wear and tear to the furnace that can decrease its functional life.

Shutting Down Helps Increase Appliance Safety

Although your furnace was designed keeping safety in mind as its top priority, gas leaks and combustion are never completely out of the equation. Shutting down the furnace means you are shutting down one of the major gas-using appliances for the season. Hence, the chances of potential leak hazards are decreased.

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