Warning Indications Of A Failing Furnace

March 25, 2022

Warning Indications Of A Failing Furnace

Undeniably, humanity is blessed to have four different seasons. Imagine having summer throughout the year with no sign of ever seeing the green leaves change to a mixed hue of orange, yellow, and red. Contrarily, having to endure a bone-freezing cold breeze with no hope of ever seeing the surrounding trees and plants slowly bloom is also unappealing.

However, each season brings with it its own challenges. After all, variety has its own price. As fall waves a final goodbye and hands us over to the approaching winter, the concerns of remaining cosy and warm surge. Heating services become the talk of the town as every other person starts worrying over their HVAC system’s proper functionality in the approaching winter.

In this regard, it is quite natural for people to look into furnace repair or replacement services or the well-being of their heat pumps. No one wants to abruptly wake up in the middle of the night in shivers with clattering teeth.

The Canadian winter season can be quite harsh when it wants to be. Long-lasting snowstorms or frequent cold fronts are unbearable if one has a malfunctioning furnace.

For this reason, today’s blog aims to enlighten our readers regarding the signs that might suggest a furnace failure. If you are able to detect the problem in its early stages, you might be able to avoid a costlier crisis later.

Signs Indicating A Furnace Failure

Even though we provide emergency furnace repair and replacement services in Vancouver and the Lower Mainland, we prefer to save our clients the extra costs by helping them catch the issue in its initial stages. After all, a stitch in time saves nine.

Look out for the following signals and take the appropriate measures before the problem gets out of hand:

1. End Of Lifespan

Nothing is immortal and mechanical items are no exception to this principle.

Usually, a furnace has a service life of about fifteen to twenty years. If your furnace has crossed this age and is providing poor heating, replacement is inevitable. In such a situation, it is better to get a new furnace rather than endure frequent costly repairs.

2. Abnormally High Bills

If this year’s heating bills greatly surpass that of the previous year, it might suggest you need to pay attention to your furnace. A furnace loses its efficiency over long usage. Hence, they suck up more fuel but become less productive. In such a situation, simply get your furnace refurbished.

3. Frequent Repairs

If your furnace’s lifespan is not over but the cost of repairs is steadily increasing, then there is something terribly wrong with your furnace. Normally, it means the furnace has been damaged beyond repair and needs replacement. However, it would be wise to first consult a reputable HVAC contractor for advice regarding the matter.

4. Odd Sounds And Smells

One of the biggest signs of any mechanical device going bad is strange sounds and smells. The same goes with furnaces. If you often hear weird sounds or if the family complains of unpleasant smells, it might be time to have an expert look into your furnace’s health. These are often the most initial signs of an upcoming bigger problem.

5. Faltering Temperature Control

When a furnace fails to provide the same level of warmth it provided a few years ago, it might indicate an issue with the thermostat. In such a case, you don’t need to replace the whole furnace but just have to upgrade your thermostat. If the need to replace your thermostat arises, we suggest that you value quality over price.

A good thermostat can save you from frequent repairs and replacements, and can even increase the life of your furnace.

6. Emission Of Soot Or Water Collecting Around The Furnace

A gas or electric furnace should not be releasing soot. If it does, then it is either malfunctioning or was improperly installed. Regardless of the root cause, such a sign should not be ignored. If left unattended, the problem may lead to the furnace being damaged beyond repair.

On the other hand, water collecting around the furnace may not necessarily signal a faulty furnace. Instead, it may be the after-effect of poor plumbing. Nevertheless, have a professional HVAC contractor examine the furnace to ensure that the appropriate steps are taken.

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