How To Know When It’s Time To Replace Your Air-Conditioner

October 5, 2023


Although it’s finally time for fall and to step away from your A/C and think about the furnace, some warm days may take you by surprise. Thus, it might still not be time to bid farewell to your A/Cs. Like most homeowners, you crank up the air conditioner and wait for it to cool the house. However, a question that every A/C owner always has in mind is when is the right time to replace it?

When summer is in full swing, your A/C needs to be in its best shape to manage the temperature, keep the expensive electricity bills at bay, and keep you and your family comfortable.

Is your A/C up for the challenge? If not, now is the right time to repair, service, or replace your A/C to ensure peace of mind for the warm season next year. It is best to consult a reliable and professional air conditioning service provider.

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Here are some tips to know when it is finally time to replace your A/C.

It Is Blowing Hot Air

One of the first signs that your A/C is standing on its last leg is that the air conditioning unit is blowing hot air. Blowing cold air is pretty much the only job that an A/C has, and if it is not able to do that, it is high time to think of a replacement or an extensive repair.

When you notice that your A/C is running, but it is not blowing cold air, that means that the unit needs replacement. While there could be several reasons causing this to happen, the most common reason is that your unit’s refrigerant has leaked out and needs to be repaired or replaced immediately. A refrigerant keeps the air of your house humid and cool for you.

Unless you are a skilled HVAC technician, it can be hard to decipher where the malfunction in your A/C is occurring.

Your Unit Is More Than 10 Years Old

Like every good thing, an air conditioner also has a finite life and needs to be replaced every 10-15 years, especially if it is old. A modern A/C can sustain up to 15 years. But when it comes near the end of its lifetime, it would be best to start planning to purchase a replacement.

A unit that is very well maintained, repaired well, and kept away from harsh temperatures can survive for a decade, but will need to be changed after that.

With newer models focusing on energy proficiency, you might save money over the long haul through an upgrade. At the point when your older system starts to break down, consider it an opportunity to upgrade to a modern setup.

Your A/C Requires Repairs Often

The health and effectiveness of your A/C depend on various factors, including whether you appropriately maintained the unit throughout its lifetime. In the event that you skipped your yearly A/C tune-ups, your A/C’s lifespan might be shorter than fate has smiled down on it.

Its lifespan can also be impacted by how frequently you use the unit, how hot and humid it gets in the space you live in, and whether the correct size unit was purchased for your home.

Regular breakdowns also mean incessant repairs, and the cost of those repairs can add up. At one point, it may very well be more economical to purchase another unit as opposed to sinking money into expensive repairs — especially in the event that your warranty has expired.

Your Bills Are Too High

A modern energy-efficient unit will decrease your carbon footprint, as well as save cash on your electricity bills. An older unit can cause your bills to soar, and as much as that unit may be reliable, it is not worth the hundreds of dollars.

If you notice your electricity bills have increased and your AC is getting old, it is surely time to think of a replacement. Call a professional to determine whether your unit is overworking itself or not.

The A/C Is Making Sounds

Did you hear an uproarious crushing sound coming from your AC? What about shaking, banging, squealing, and different noises that just have some issues? Switch off your AC system and get an expert to have a look at it as soon as you can. These noises frequently mirror a serious issue – such as a belt slipping out of place or broken motor bearing – that could prompt a costlier repair or need for substitution if not addressed right away.

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