Incredible Facts You Didn’t Know About Air Conditioners

September 22, 2022


As a Canadian, you are in a country often praised for having mild and pleasant summers. Yet, you can’t even think of spending your summer without a properly functioning air conditioner. According to Statique Canada, more than half of Canadian households use an air conditioner . On the other hand, some of the hottest parts of the world are least likely to have an air conditioning system. Although Central African countries are scorching hot, only about 5% to 6% of households have an air conditioner across the continent.

Similarly, most cities in India record temperatures between 40 °C to 48 °C or even 50 °C at times, also have only about 5% of households with ACs. If you are daring enough, try spending a day in Rajasthan. Even the mesmerizing castles and deserted landscapes will not be able to distract you from thinking about the way the heat is burning through every inch of your body. Comparatively, close to 90% of households in a country like the USA utilize air conditioners.

Astounding, isn’t it?

Well, there are a lot of other air conditioner facts that will certainly blow your mind. But what is the fun of just spilling out all the information in one go? As professional HVAC contractors, we have compiled a list of some amazing yet least known facts from across the globe for you in this blog post.

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The Idea Of Cooling Dates Back To As Early As 180 AD

Although electric fans, which can also be called the ancestors of air conditioning, have existed for over a millennium, modern air conditioners were not common until the mid-90s. But who would have thought that the first commercial cooling system was invented in 180 AD?

As astonishing as it may sound, an inquisitive man called Ting Huan designed an incredible fan with seven wheels, each with a diameter of around seven and a half feet. Surprisingly, a single person could operate this technical marvel, and it had the capacity to cool a huge hall full of people.

Fog On A Train Station In Pittsburgh Spurred The Idea Of ACs

Undeniably, inventors think differently from average individuals. They see potential in things we mostly take for granted. No one else paid attention to a falling apple besides Newton. Likewise, no one thought of inventing an air conditioner by merely examining the fog on a train station besides Willis Carrier in 1902.

Amazingly, his aim was to control excessive moisture in a publishing firm. He didn’t know that his attempts to keep his ink from running all over the place would one day be a source of solace when the sun became cruel.

The Output Of The First AC Was Measured Using Ice

Well, it was definitely a convenient starting point, although not a very impressive one. The thing is, in ancient times, large blocks of ice were used to cool spaces. So for ease of understandability, AC manufacturers measured the output of their ACs using the tons of ice that would be needed to provide the same level of cooling.

Ice Is Not The Oldest Form Of Cooling

We know that you would naturally conclude that ice was the ancient air conditioner. But that is not the case. Instead, water-soaked reeds were what was used as ancient cooling ‘devices’. In ancient Egypt, people hung wet reeds on windows so that the moisture would cool the air that blew through these reeds. Who says ancient people were illiterate? Undeniably, they sought out the best use of evaporative cooling mechanisms.

Summer Blockbusters Of The Mid-90s Owe Their Success To ACs

Like inventors, entrepreneurs are born with ultra-smart assessment skills. Theater owners in the early and mid-90s were well aware that the larger chunk of the population could not afford to install an air conditioner. As a result, they saw a lucrative and forethought business opportunity in this deprivation. They firstly invested generously in high-end air conditioners. To get the best return on their investments, they released most of their movies in the summer. Consequently, people rushed to cinemas and theaters to enjoy the comfort of their air conditioners rather than the movie itself.

Well played!

Where Is The World’s Largest Air Conditioning System?

After reading this blog up till now, this question must have crossed your mind. Unlike your guesses, the largest HVAC system is not the White House. The holy mosque in Mecca, Saudi Arabia, has the largest HVAC system in the world, featuring a refrigeration capacity of 135,000 tons.

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