Tips To Use Your AC Efficiently In The Summer

July 15, 2022

Tips To Use Your AC Efficiently In The Summer

Air conditioners are considered an integral part of every household, especially in the summer. They are important not only for your household but also for your workplaces and industrial or commercial stores. Living indoors without a properly working AC in summer can be quite hard and can get a little uncomfortable. In such circumstances, turning on your AC and using it continuously 24 hours a day becomes necessary to maintain a comfortable temperature inside your home.

However, many people worry about paying hefty electricity bills. Therefore, they look for ways in which they can share their AC efficiently and reduce their electricity bills. So how can you operate your air conditioning units effectively, and is there any way of economically using an air conditioner? The answer is that it is possible to operate your air conditioning systems to limit electricity consumption. Let’s explore some ways you can use your AC efficiently this summer.

Set The Right Temperature

One of the effective ways to reduce your electricity bills by using your air conditioner and increase its efficiency is to set the right temperature levels. Various studies have shown that about 6% of electricity is saved for every degree we raise the temperature.

Therefore, as you keep lowering your AC’s temperature, its compressor has to work for a longer time, thereby shooting up your electricity bill. Set your air conditioner from about 27 °C up to 29 °C. This way, you can reduce the frequent restarts, especially if your air conditioning unit has DC inverter technology. It will consume less power during the operation, and a constant temperature will be maintained in your room.

Turn On Sleep Mode

Another option that many air conditioners offer is the sleep mode. In this mode, air conditioners can decrease the level of the indoor temperature up to the desired level and go into standby mode when the temperature is achieved. Therefore, you can feel the desired amount of coolness in your room without spending extra money and getting sick because of the continuous running of your air conditioners at night.

Keep Windows And Doors Closed

One mistake many people make is that they don’t shut their doors and windows properly and seal them. As a result, much of the cool air is wasted. Therefore, you must ensure that all your windows are sealed tightly and pull the curtains so that the sun’s heat doesn’t enter your room. Also, turn off heavy devices such as TV’s and computers as they generate a lot of heat and make your AC work harder.

In addition to this, avoid using ovens and projectors during the summer, as heat can affect your AC’s performance.

Select The Right Air Conditioning Unit

If you are about to buy an air conditioning unit and are thinking of how to use it efficiently, a key requirement is to choose the right kind of air conditioning unit. Choose the correct size of air conditioning unit and the right inverter technology to consume less power. Choosing a smaller unit that doesn’t suit your space will end up costing you more on power consumption due to its reduced performance.

Get Help From Air Conditioning Services

If you think something is wrong with your AC and it requires servicing and cleaning, hire an air conditioning service company to ensure that the cool air reaches your room. They will repair and replace any dirty filters, which can lower the AC’s energy consumption.


Installing the correct AC and maintaining it is key to its effective performance all year. Moreover, some helpful tips above can help you reduce your electricity bills and use your AC efficiently.

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