A Tried And Tested Fall To-Do List For Your HVAC System

July 27, 2023


The crisp, golden splendour of October is unparalleled. Trees start to lose their leaves, but they do so with such grace and charm that everyone who sees them is struck with awe. The soft breeze that foreshadows winter and the crunchy sound that the leaves make are the perfect sources of contentment and a wonderful retreat from the hustle and bustle of bustling city life.

Besides the season’s golden beauty, another thing on every home and office owner’s mind is the upcoming grand switch from cooling to heating.

Now that you have officially bid farewell to summer and its scorching heat, it is time to think about the approaching teeth-rattling winter. You can not just wake up one morning and say that from today you are going to shut down your cooling system and turn on the heat. Just like the season provides a reasonable transitional period in the form of fall and spring, you should treat your HVAC system in a similar manner.

As professional HVAC contractors , we believe in proper transition in everything with regard to seasonal changes. For this reason, we always place great emphasis on getting your system ready to welcome every new season without any hiccups or hurdles. Fairly speaking, it is better to work a bit harder and scrutinize your HVAC’s condition in the fall than to witness a sudden furnace or heat pump shut down mid-winter.

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Start With An Air Filter Inspection And Clean Up

Regardless of the season, air quality remains a top priority in every household or office in Vancouver. Accordingly, your HVAC’s air filters play a major role in either improving or deteriorating your home’s air quality.

If you leave it unattended for prolonged periods, your air filters will accumulate a lot of dust, dirt, pollen, and other allergy-causing pollutants. You already know and understand that dust-related allergies are most active in the spring and fall. Thus, your HVAC filters trap most of these pollutants during these seasons. For a fresh and allergy-free winter, clean the air filters thoroughly and replace them if need be.

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Move On To The Condensate And Drain Lines

Like filters, dust and dirt also accumulate in the condensate lines and coils. However, the situation can be pretty bad in these areas owing to moisture that further causes the dirt to stick to the surfaces. If you leave these areas unclean and unattended, the dirt will eventually turn into grime and clog the lines.

In the end, these clogs result in breakdowns and early component replacements. In order to avoid the latter, promptly clean your lines and coils.

Clean The Airways And Ducts

Ducts and airways are a mould’s favourite spot. It is always a good idea to parade the right to life of every organism. But this parade fires back in cases where mould is involved. If you let this organism flourish in your ducts, you will have Sick Building Syndrome all winter. Early signs of such an occurrence are foul smells.

Test The Heating System Beforehand

Surely, you acknowledge that prevention is always better than a cure. When it comes to your heating system, we would say testing is better than a cure. That is that a timely inspection can save you a lot of trouble in the coming winter. While an air conditioner shutdown can be endured to some extent, a heating system breakdown will leave you breathless.

Therefore, we recommend that you use your fall time wisely and carry out the thorough inspection and testing of your heating system to ensure it is working perfectly.

Take Measures To Protect Your Outdoor Unit

The saying ‘out of sight out of mind’ fits perfectly well with outdoor units. Although it is true that outdoor units are made from robust materials to withstand every harsh condition, this does not mean you can completely ignore their existence and leave them to their fate.

Besides regular removal of the crunchy leaves and broken branches, take measures to protect the unit from the upcoming heavy wind gushes and snowstorms. Since your AC’s outdoor unit will not be used as frequently, cover them with waterproof materials. Nonetheless, never make their shelters completely airtight; the air trapped within may result in rust.

Inspect For Component Or System Upgrades

Besides the heating system, fall is the ideal time to replace other HVAC systems or upgrade the whole system. If you discover from the preceding inspection that your heating system might need replacements or repairs, request professional heating services from a reputed HVAC contractor in Vancouver.

Request Professional Residential Or Commercial HVAC Maintenance Services

Last but not least, fall is the perfect time of the year to schedule your yearly furnace maintenance services from a reliable HVAC company.

When it comes to proper HVAC maintenance, repair, and replacements, we leave no stone untouched. From professional furnace repair to elite air conditioner maintenance services, we provide the widest variety of HVAC services. Learn more about Pro West heating & Air conditioning.

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