Top Things To Consider Before Installing A New Water Heater This Winter

October 14, 2021

Top Things To Consider Before Installing A New Water Heater This Winter

The winter season in Canada can be extremely harsh, the best way to deal with this is by investing in a hot water tank or heater. If you already have an old model in place, you might want to consider replacing it with a newer model. The newer models provide better operations, energy efficiency and are considered more durable.

If you are considering installing a new hot water tank or are planning to replace your old one, there are some important things you need to consider. This blog post mentions the top important factors you should consider before installing a new water heater.

Tank Or Tankless

There are two types of hot water tanks and heaters available in the market. However, we cannot say that one is better than the other. This depends on your usage and requirements. You have to decide whether you need a tank or a tankless one. The main difference between them is that there is no tank in the tankless water heater, and it instantly heats the water according to your need.

In the tank water heater, the water is collected and heated up in the tank, so you get an entire tank of heated water. Tankless water heaters might be more expensive than water heater tanks, but they are more energy-efficient in the long run.

Therefore, consider your needs to decide which one you should get or talk to a heating professional to help you decide which one would be the best for your home.

The Size Of The Tank

The size of the water heater tank will also depend on your usage. Usually, a tank around 50-60 gallons is enough for two to three people. If you are a bigger family, you should invest in a bigger water heater as the upcoming winter season would call for warm or hot water every morning.

The Right Installation Company

Hiring the right installation company will ensure that your heater is installed properly. Even though you have bought a perfect water heater, if the company that installs it is not professional, it can cause problems. Therefore, you must consider hiring the right company for its proper installation so you can enjoy its usage without any worry.

Furthermore, the installation of the water heater takes time. It will take a longer time to install if you are replacing an old water heater. Similarly, it will also take more time if you have to install a bigger water heater. However, if the company is professional and has been doing heater installation for years, they will be able to conduct this process smoothly and won’t take much time. On average, it should take around three hours to install a water heater by a professional in the absence of any unforeseen circumstances.

The Warranty

Most electrical and gas appliances come with a warranty of one year. So, if you are purchasing a water heater or hot water tank, it is necessary to check its warranty. Some sellers offer buyers an extended warranty period.

Although, it is unlikely that you will encounter any problems with your newly purchased water heater, especially when you have bought one from a good company. If there is a problem and the warranty is still valid, you can call the company to replace the heater or fix the issue.

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