5 Signs Your Furnace Needs Repair

February 28, 2022

5-Signs-Your-Furnace-Needs-Repair--Furnace-Repair-CoquitlamIn Coquitlam, heating is a seasonal necessity, and a damaged furnace can cause quite a few problems in the winter months. Maintenance is just as important to ensure the lifespan of the system is sustained.Below are 5 signs that you should get your furnace repaired by the professionals at Pro West Heating & Air Conditioning before it becomes a necessity.
  1. Poor Heating

    Is your heater struggling to keep up with your thermostat, even on mildly cold days? Insufficient heating and cold spots in the home are all signs that your furnace may need maintenance. A dirty system or clogged piping and ductwork can prevent the heat from reaching the desired temperature, causing it to run more often, raising utility bills and wasting gas without any of the comfort of a system that is running sufficiently.The first time you turn on your system for the year, it may take a while for the system to get up to the temperature you need, but if the problem is consistent or the heating begins to struggle despite having it on for a few weeks, it’s time for furnace repair Coquitlam.
  2. Short-Cycling

    This is easy to recognize once you know what to look for. Short-cycling happens when the furnace turns off and on at faster than normal intervals. The furnace will often struggle and fail to reach the desired temperature but will keep turning on to attempt to match the thermostat.Not only is this the symptom of a deeper problem with your furnace, requiring repair, but it is a waste of gas and can wear out various system components quickly if left unresolved.Short-cycling should be addressed as soon as possible to prevent it from damaging the lifespan of your furnace and causing further damage to the system.
  1. Yellow Pilot Light

    Is your pilot light orange, yellow, or green? It’s time to get it checked out by a professional.The pilot light for your furnace should always be blue, and the presence of another color could be a sign of other substances, like built-up rust, that interfere with the furnace’s operation. This could be a safety hazard if left unresolved.If you notice your pilot light is a different color other than blue, you should turn the heating off and call the technicians at Pro West immediately to ensure the safety of the heating system.
  2. Unusual Noises

    Loud banging noises, screeching, or buzzing sounds are all cause for concern, especially if they are out of the ordinary for your system. If you notice these noises, it’s not something to brush off.These sounds are indicative of problems with the furnace and can alert you to potential hazards, like faulty electrical connections, a worn-out fan belt, or a problem with the burners.If you notice these sounds, turn off your heater immediately and call the experts at Pro West. These issues should be addressed and repaired as soon as possible before running the heat again.
  3. High Utility Bills

    Every year, it seems like utility bills get higher and higher, but we’re not talking about the utility company’s rate. Even if you’ve been conscious about your energy consumption, your heating may be telling you a different story.If you notice the usage on your bill is going up, leading to expensive bills, chances are that the furnace requires maintenance or repair as it is unable to run efficiently.Beyond wasting gas and costing you more money for less heat, a heating system that has not been maintained properly will need to be replaced sooner as individual parts wear out.

Can Old Furnaces Be Repaired?

Yes, old furnaces can generally be repaired, but it might not be the best choice as the system will be worn and parts will become more difficult to come by with every year.Generally, repairs are most effective in furnaces that are under 10-15 years old, revitalizing the machinery and maintaining its lifespan.

Should I Replace My 25-Year-Old Furnace?

If your furnace is over 15 years old, it may be best to replace the system depending on how efficiently it is running. 25-year-old furnaces are generally difficult to repair as parts are difficult to come by, and the machine will not be as efficient in providing heat to the home.As parts inside the furnace wear out, they become more susceptible to breaking or malfunctioning, which can become potentially hazardous problems in routine usage.Repairs in furnaces this old typically take more time and money to maintain than they do to replace the system entirely. We typically recommend replacing the furnace after 15-20 years to invest in your home’s heating efficiency and safety.

How Much Does It Cost to Remove and Replace a Furnace?

For a full furnace removal and installation, it can cost anywhere from $4,000 to $11,000 depending on the type of furnace and the current boiler room set up. (1)“it pays to replace your HVAC system as soon as it stops functioning” Forbes.comThis cost includes the cost of the new furnace, average labor, any necessary ductwork or piping, disposal of the old furnace, and installation of the new furnace.To get a full quote for your furnace removal and replacement, give our heating experts a call at Pro West Heating & Air Conditioning.

Can I Install a Furnace Myself?

No, we do recommend installing a furnace without the proper training and understanding of HVAC systems. Installing a furnace yourself is difficult, dangerous, and the slightest oversight can lead to significant safety hazards.Any furnace installation or furnace repair in Coquitlam should be done by a licensed and insured contractor.

Furnace Repair Coquitlam

We are the best providers of furnace repair Coquitlam has seen, with fast, fair and reliable heating & air conditioning services.Our team strives to provide the highest quality service blended with the best results.Whether you need furnace repair, maintenance, or installation, our team can help you take care of it, working with you on a timeline that suits your schedule.Give us a call to get a quote or request a service date today.References:Forbes, How Much Does a New HVAC System Cost?, https://www.forbes.com/advisor/home-improvement/new-hvac-system-cost/