Imagine the pain of craving a hot shower on a cold day, but only getting icy cold water in your shower. Who would wish this discomfort upon themselves and their family? Getting cold water from your taps is one of the signs that your water heater is causing a problem.

Get Your Water Heaters Checked With Pro West

Hot water tanks might cause problems due to several reasons. If you are not getting hot water from your taps, it means that your water heater has stopped working. Discoloured water, rusty particles in the water, and corrosion in the water heaters’ liners are some of the other signs that your water heater is not healthy. Contact a heating and cooling professional to come and replace your water heater safely.

Pro West Heating & Air Conditioning Provides Certified Water Heater Services

Pro West offers you the best and most up-to-date services at a low price for issues related to your heating and cooling systems in Vancouver and the surrounding areas. The timely replacement of your water heater can save you from costly damages in the future and allow you to enjoy your showers in winter again.

Our professional and certified technicians listen to your queries and suggest the best possible solutions to your water heater problems. If your water heater needs to be replaced, we will replace it with a new one while keeping everything safe and following all safety practices.


What Do We Offer?

Pro West has a team of professional and reliable HVAC technicians who can fix your water heater problems and provide installation, repair, maintenance, or replacement services. If you want to get your water heater replaced, Pro West is the best company as we know how to replace your heater with a new one without causing any damage to it.

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