XR14 Air Conditioner

XR14 Air Conditioner

Why we love this product.

  • Excellent Affordability And Efficiency
  • High Seer Rating
  • Quiet And Durable Performance
  • Enhanced Protection And Longevity
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The XR14 Air Conditioner is an exceptional choice for homeowners looking for a cost-effective cooling solution without compromising performance. With its ENERGY STAR® qualification and an impressive SEER rating of up to 14.8, this air conditioner meets strict energy efficiency standards while reliably cooling your home. Its single-stage operation ensures quiet and efficient cooling, making it an ideal choice for any household. 

XR14 Air Conditioner Features

  • The XR14 features a high-quality Climatuff™ compressor, ensuring reliable performance and efficient cooling. It provides consistent and dependable temperature control for your home.
  • The Spine Fin™ outdoor coil enhances heat transfer and improves overall efficiency. It maximizes the air conditioner’s cooling capacity, ensuring optimal comfort even during hot days.
  • The XR14 has an upgraded fan motor that delivers powerful and efficient airflow. It helps circulate cool air effectively throughout your home, providing consistent comfort in every room.
  • The air conditioner is designed with full-side louvered panels that offer enhanced protection and aesthetic appeal. These panels safeguard your investment by shielding the unit from external elements while allowing for easy access during maintenance.
  • The XR14 features Weatherguard™ fasteners that are corrosion-resistant, ensuring long-lasting durability and protecting the air conditioner from the damaging effects of moisture and other environmental factors.
  • With a DuraTuff™ non-corrosive base pan, this air conditioner is built to resist corrosion and endure the test of time. It provides added durability, protecting the unit from potential damage caused by outdoor elements.
  • The XR14 comes with a Quick-Sess cabinet that provides full coil protection. This feature simplifies installation and maintenance, making it more convenient for homeowners and HVAC professionals.