Why we love this product.

  • Versatile venting options for easy installation
  • High turndown ratio for optimal energy utilization
  • Integrated controls for customization
  • Certified for residential and commercial applications


The NHB-80 is a highly efficient condensing heating boiler designed for both residential and commercial use. With a maximum HTG input of 80,000 BTU/h, this indoor wall-hung unit offers superior performance and energy savings. Its compact design makes it suitable for various installation spaces, ensuring convenience and flexibility.

NHB-80 Features

  • Super condensing efficiency: The condensing technology of the dual stainless steel heat exchangers ensures maximum heat transfer and efficiency. This leads to significant energy savings and reduced greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Versatile venting options: The NHB-80 supports SCH40, 2″ PVC venting up to 60′. It also offers the flexibility of 2″ venting up to 65′ and 3″ venting up to 150′ (including schedule 40 PVC), enabling easy installation and compatibility with different setups.
  • High turndown ratio: The sophisticated gas flow control system allows for a high turndown ratio of up to 10:1. This means the boiler can modulate its output to match the heating demands accurately, reducing energy waste and preventing excessive boiler cycling.
  • Integrated controls: The NHB-80 comes with integrated controls that offer industry-leading options and features. Users can adjust the heat capacity, utilize temperature boost for outdoor reset control, set an anti-cycle timer, and benefit from freeze protection. These controls provide enhanced convenience and customization options.
  • Certifications: The NHB-80 has undergone rigorous testing and obtained relevant certifications, ensuring its compliance with industry standards and safety requirements. It is certified for both residential and commercial applications, making it a reliable choice for various heating needs.
 With its exceptional features and benefits, the NHB-80 is an excellent choice for anyone seeking a high-efficiency condensing heating boiler. Its energy-saving capabilities, versatile venting options, and integrated controls make it a reliable and convenient solution for both residential and commercial settings. Invest in the NHB-80 and enjoy optimal performance, reduced energy costs, and a comfortable living or working environment.