All Weather™ Top Accessory

All Weather™ Top Accessory

Why we love this product.

  • Available for all American Standard Platinum, Gold and Silver models


A system that works smarter.The All Weather™ Top Accessory Kit will protect your American Standard heat pump from the outside elements. This newly designed top easily snaps onto the top of your heat pump and will reduce the accumulation of rain snow, leaves and debris from entering you unit, helping you keep your investment in the best condition possible.

All Weather™ Top Accessory Highlights

  • Attractive design with low profile styling and color matched to the DuraTuff™ base pan.
  • The All Weather™ Top helps reduce snow, rain, leaves, and debris from entering your heat pump.
  • Concave top and corner effectively channels rain away from the louvers.
  • UV inhibitors resist fading and chalking.
  • Four easy steps to install. Contact your American Standard Heating & Air Conditioning Dealer today for more information.
  • Pair your heat pump with a gas furnace to create your own hybrid system. Once your heat pump reaches its heating capacity, your gas furnace steps in to keep you comfortable for as long as you need.