Mission Impossible – A Dead Rat In Your Ductwork!

April 14, 2022

Mission Impossible - A Dead Rat In Your Ductwork!

Do you know what the most dreadful experience is for any homeowner? Finding a dead rat, mouse, or any other rodent rotting in one of the corners of their cherished house. Surely, this scene is not something pleasant to witness. The foul smell that spreads throughout the house when the carcass begins to decay followed by the horror of tracking the source and getting rid of the body is no less than one of Tom Cruise’s famous ‘Mission Impossibles’.

However, the situation becomes a hundred times worse when you realize that the animal is resting in peace in your HVAC ductwork.

In such a situation, you as a homeowner need to ask yourself three important questions:

  • Where is the dead body?
  • How do you get rid of it?
  • What should you do to prevent a similar encounter in the future?

As reputed HVAC contractors in BC, we are here to lend you a reliable helping hand. One thing is clear from the above discussion. As disgusting, annoying, and horrendous (plus any other word that comes to mind) as the task sounds, there is no other way but to find the corpse and get rid of it. Well, the good news is, you will not have to work half as hard as Ethan Hunt if you have us by your side.

Accordingly, we recommend that you immediately request an inspection from a proficient HVAC contractor if you suspect a rodent invasion in your ductwork. But if you are brave enough to take matters into your own hands, then this blog presents to you the steps you should take when there is an animal lying lifeless in your HVAC ductwork.

Steps To Accomplish The ‘Mission Impossible’

It is time to play the role of Ethan Hunt. As a starting point, reconsider the three questions we mentioned earlier. You will realize that the discussion that follows is systematically divided according to these questions:

1. Track The Clues

Honestly speaking, a foul smell may not always indicate a dead animal in your ductwork. Thus, the first step you must take is to find the cause of the smell. You need to follow the scent and find out whether it is really a dead animal. And if it is, where exactly it is. You shouldn’t just rush and open your HVAC ductwork. First, rule out all the other possible areas such as kitchen cabinets, behind the fridge, etc.

During this process, the scent will be your biggest clue. If the smell intensifies when you approach your ductwork, know that the latter is the hot spot.

2. Gather Your Tools

Once you are sure that the smell source is most likely in the ductwork, remove the vent cover and spot the dead body with the help of a torch. At this point, it is imperative to understand that experimentation in the case of something as expensive as an HVAC system is not a very wise decision.

Therefore, if you can easily spot the animal, proceed to gather the necessary tools to get rid of it. But if you can’t see it, leave the matter to a professional.

Some essential items you might require in the former case include:

  • Gloves
  • Towels
  • Garbage bags
  • Disinfectants
  • Something to drag the animal if is far from reach

3. Get Rid Of The Corpse

This step is perhaps the most awful one. Now that you have located the carcass, you need to get it out of the ductwork. For this, you need to wear rubber gloves and use a towel to pick it up and place it in the garbage bag. If the animal is not within your reach, use something long such as a bent hanger to bring it closer.

Afterward, follow the right animal disposal policies in your area of residence to discard the animal. Then, use a disinfectant to thoroughly clean the area where the carcass was discovered to completely get rid of the remaining foul smell.

4. Seek Out The Invasion Route

The previous step marks the end of the main and the hardest part of the mission. However, it is not yet time to rest. You need to find out how the animal managed to creep into your ductwork unnoticed. Find the loopholes and get them fixed as soon as possible to avoid going through the same horror again.

5. Request An Inspection from The Most Reliable HVAC Contractors In BC

Ethan Hunt would have a hard time accomplishing any mission without Luther Stickell. In your case, your supporting character would be a reliable and professional HVAC contractor. We recommend that you request periodic HVAC inspections to prevent the above and other HVAC problems. If a loophole is discovered in time, it can be fixed before a rodent finds it.

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