Make Your HVAC System Eco-Friendly!

April 22, 2022

Make Your HVAC System Eco-Friendly!

Environmental conservation is a global concern. Over the past few years, the degradation of the ozone and ever-rising air pollution have caught everyone’s attention. The results of these occurrences are apparent in the changing world’s climate. The increase in global temperatures every year worldwide has speeded up the melting of glaciers and caused many irregularities in the agricultural sector.

Evidently, the matter of global warming is not something to be controlled at the provincial level alone. Every individual must play a role in combating this issue. You wouldn’t want to leave behind a distorted and overheated Earth for your children, now would you?

As the most dedicated HVAC contractors in BC, we believe it is our duty to acknowledge our social responsibility and educate you regarding this matter. Let us face reality. Canadian winters are unimaginable without a good heating source and vice versa for summer. In this regard, heat pumps are a better and energy-efficient alternative to the typical heating and cooling solutions.

However, heat pumps that utilize fossil fuel for energy production continue to hurt the environment severely. In this regard, the Government of British Columbia, in collaboration with Hydro BC and the federal government, has taken several steps to make BC a better place to live.

Now, it is our turn to work on individual and organizational levels. As an organization, we provide you with this informative blog to help you go green. As an individual, it is your responsibility to be a good samaritan and put the tips ‌into action.

How To Have A Greener HVAC

When it comes to going green, homeowners often have two options:

  • For some, using more energy-efficient devices that preserve energy is the ideal way.
  • While for others, a reduction in their carbon footprint on the environment is the best way to show their love for the environment.

Either way, what matters is how you will accomplish your green goals. To motivate you further, here is a fun fact:

Research shows that in Canadian households and businesses, HVAC accounts for the most prominent energy usage share.

This fact should be a starting point for you. Since your HVAC consumes a major chunk of your energy, taking the following steps to make it greener will be a significant endeavor:

Switch Fuels

The first way you can make your HVAC system greener is to follow the government’s lead. As emphasized earlier, the government of BC is unwaveringly working towards making BC a better place to live. In this regard, it is offering homeowners incredible rebates to encourage them to use electrical energy rather than fossil fuel for their heating and cooling needs.

Well, this initiative makes your work relatively easy. Simply switch to electricity and hit two birds with one stone: go green and enjoy the rebate.

Install ACs With A Higher SEER Rating

But if you want to go a step further to show your concern for the environment, consider installing an AC with a higher SEER rating. You must have judged from the price differences that not all ACs have the same level of efficiency. When purchasing an air conditioner, you must pay attention to its SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio).

The higher the SEER rating, the more energy-efficient and greener the AC will be.

The best way to accomplish this goal would be to contact a reliable HVAC contractor like Pro-West and discuss your AC installation needs and options. These professionals will suggest and implement the best solutions possible.

Pay Attention To Air Leaks And Insulation

Improper home insulation and damaged HVAC ductwork are the biggest reasons behind air leaks and, ultimately, an HVAC’s energy inefficiency. If warm air seeps into your house in the summer or cool air is lost due to inadequate insulation, you will ultimately be forced to keep your HVAC on high.

This inefficiency will lead to unnecessarily high energy consumption, which is eventually bad for the environment. A similar scenario regarding air leaks is also evident in the winter.

Thus, you must inspect your home and HVAC ductwork for potential leaks and fix them to conserve energy.

Tune-Up And Upgrade

The more you take care of your HVAC, the longer it will last and the more efficient it will become. Hence, regular maintenance is the best way to make your HVAC more energy-efficient and ultimately greener.

Similarly, older HVACs consume significantly more energy than newer ones. The difference might be a result of the use of better technology in their manufacturing. Thus, if your HVAC is eight years or older, consider upgrading to a more energy-efficient and technically advanced HVAC.

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