Heat Pump Problems Encountered In The Summer

September 8, 2022


Although Canada is generally known as a cool country, the scorching summer weather in some areas often leaves its residents with no choice but to resort to air conditioners and central air conditioner systems. These systems depend on a heat pump to cool the air, hence, during the summer, problems with heat pumps are more noticeable mainly because they are in use most of the time.

Spotting problems with your heat pump in a timely manner can help you avoid expensive repairs and replacements. However, it is imperative that after diagnosing an issue, you get in touch with an HVAC contractor to carry out the repairs. To help save you the hassle of expensive repairs and replacements, in this blog we have listed some of the common symptoms of a malfunctioning AC heat pump.

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Strange Smells

You may notice strange smells in your house during the summer caused by your heat pump. Most smells are not a sign of concern but getting professional help is a good idea. Professional contractors can tell the cause of the smell and help you to fix the problem. Most problems with heat pumps usually start with a strange smell.

People often report a musty smell coming from their AC. This can be due to mold building up in your unit. When the unit runs, the condensation process occurs, but if proper drainage is not provided, it can become a place for mold to grow. Although the mold may not affect your unit in the beginning, it can affect the quality of the air resulting in health issues.

Another smell is a burning smell. A burning smell is due to the overheating of the unit caused by improper airflow. If you smell any strange smells coming from your heat pump, immediately seek professional assistance to get the issue fixed.

Increased Noise

If your heat pump suddenly starts making loud grinding or knocking sounds, it is something you should be concerned about. Your heat pump will never make unnecessary noise for no reason, there must be something causing the noise. Hence, it is advised that you get professional assistance to address the issue as soon as possible.

The extra noise from the unit can be caused by different things. If you hear banging noises, then your fan may be the issue. This problem needs to be addressed as soon as possible. Delaying it can cost you. If loud vibrations are heard, then something in the unit may be loose. So if you encounter any loud noises coming from the heat pump, you need to call a professional to address the issue.

Freezing Up

Another issue is that the heat pump may freeze up during the summer. This may not sound like a dire problem, however, finding ice on any part of the air conditioning system is not normal.

A frozen heat pump does not mean that your whole system has frozen, it means that the coil is frozen. When the coil gets frozen, other parts of the system have to work harder to cool the air. This increases energy consumption and produces a lackluster cooling effect.

One of the reasons for a freezing of coil is being low on refrigerant. When you’re low on refrigerant, the pressure of the system drops to cool the coil. Another reason may be dirty air filters preventing warm air from hitting the coil.

Running Constantly

If the heat pump works constantly, then it may not be able to work at its full potential. Heat pumps can only work properly if they don’t have to work all day long. If heat pumps are left to run constantly, they may have to overwork, causing an exponential increase in your electricity bills. Your heat pump may run constantly if you set the thermostat very low. If it’s down, then the heat pump will have to work very hard to attain an unrealistic number.

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