How To Fix A Clogged AC Drain Line

July 7, 2022

How To Fix A Clogged AC Drain Line

In these extreme weather conditions, dealing with a broken AC unit can be a total nuisance. Although some AC problems are inevitable, still there are some that can be avoided with proper maintenance.

The most common problems with air conditioners that you might have experienced are inefficient cooling or your unit not turning on at all. In order to fix such issues, you will need to get air conditioner repair services from certified HVAC contractors.

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However, sometimes the reason behind your AC’s malfunction can be as basic as having a clogged AC drain line. Clogged AC drain lines may sound unthreatening, but if not dealt with timely, this problem can cause severe damage to your AC unit and your house.

So it is important to know why your AC drain line gets clogged and what you can do to get rid of these clogs. In this blog post, we will outline the top ways that will help you fix clogged AC drain lines.

What Is An AC Drain Line?

Air conditioners remove humidity and heat from the air of your home. The moisture in the air is collected on the metal coils of your AC unit, and this moisture then drips in the form of water droplets into the drain pan from the metal coils.

Then through a PVC pipe that is called an AC condensate line or drain line, this water is taken out of the house. Evidently, the air conditioner drain line is the main source of expelling excess moisture from your home.

How Does The AC Drain Line Get Clogged?

Before moving on to the details of repairing clogged AC drain lines, it’s important to talk about the reasons an AC drain line gets clogged.

Since the air conditioner drain line stays moist, it encourages mould and algae growth and if these are allowed to fester for long periods of time, they can eventually cause a blockage.

The best way to keep your AC drain line in pristine condition is by getting it maintained by certified HVAC companies. These certified companies have trained air conditioners contractors who will clean up any clogs in the drain line of your AC unit efficiently.

Common Signs Of Clogged AC Drain Lines

Here are some common signs that your AC drain line is clogged:

Water Damage Near The AC Unit

When your air conditioner drain line is clogged, it will cause your drain line to fill up, and the water sitting in your drain pan will eventually overflow and trickle down the walls.

So if you spot any water damage near your AC, it is a clear indication that there is a clog in your AC drain pipe.

AC Unit Not Cooling Properly

If your air conditioner is not working properly, it is a sign that your AC unit drain pipe is clogged. The cooling efficiency of your AC significantly drops when the drain line is clogged. This happens because your air conditioner will have to work harder than usual to cool a space, and it will also increase your energy bills.

How To Fix A Clogged AC Drain Line

However, it is best to call a certified HVAC contractor and request air conditioner maintenance services and get your clogged AC drain line fixed. Here are some steps you can take to fix a clogged AC drain line if reaching out to a contractor is difficult for you for some reason:

Clean The Drain Pan

When your AC drain line is clogged, the drain pan will be filled with water. Thus, you can use towels to carefully soak up this accumulated water. After soaking up the water, you can clean the drain pan with soap and water. This way, you will be able to clear the algae and mould from your drain pan.

Remove Mould From The Drain Pipe

Once you have cleaned the drain pan, it’s time to clean the drain line of your AC unit. First, you will need to loosen the drain pipe and wash it with water to clear the clogged drain. Once the drain is clog-free, tighten it back on to the AC unit.

However, it is still better to hire a professional HVAC contractor to diligently clean your AC clogged drain pipe. Since they are trained professionals, they will fix your clogged AC drain line in no time.

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