Top Causes Of Rust On Air Conditioners & How You Can Prevent It

May 27, 2022

Top Causes Of Rust On Air Conditioners & How You Can Prevent It

The air conditioner of your house is subjected to a lot of wear and tear over the course of its life. Though modern and high-tech units are highly durable and are designed to withstand harsh climatic conditions, they still require regular maintenance for effective functioning.

If you don’t take care of your air conditioning unit then lack of maintenance and high moisture content will lead to issues such as rusting.

A rusty air conditioner not only looks terrible but also affects its performance and functionality.

Hence you must hire a certified HVAC contractor and get professional air conditioning maintenance services. These maintenance services will keep your air conditioning unit in prime functioning condition.

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A rusty HVAC will take longer to heat or cool your home and thus will result in high electricity bills. Moreover, if the rust is not removed timely it will spread and deteriorate the other AC components as well and all of this will lead to costly repair or even premature failure.

In this blog post, we will outline the top causes of rust on air conditioners and will also list some ways that will help you prevent your air conditioning unit from rusting.

Top Causes Of Rust On An Air Conditioning Unit

Rust forms on anything when the metal such as iron or steel are exposed to water and oxygen for a certain amount of time. Once the rust starts to form it quickly spreads and causes damage to the metal surface.

Some AC components that are likely to be affected by rust are its ductwork, air filters, drain pan, fan blades, refrigerant lines and compressors.

Here are some of the top causes that lead to rust on an AC:

Excessive Moisture

Moisture is the biggest culprit of rust on air conditioners, which mostly comes from the rain, humid air and condensation.

The outdoor unit of your air conditioner deals with moisture on a daily basis. For example, when the HVAC system draws warm air from your home to be cooled the moisture from the air condenses on the evaporator coils and then drips on the drain pan.

This form of moisture is part of the daily functioning of your AC and is not harmful, however, the problem develops when an excessive amount of moisture stays in contact with your AC components for a longer period of time. This happens when the drain pan of your air conditioner is clogged.

If you live in a coastal area salty humid air will also lead to rusty conditions for your air conditioner outdoor unit. Other factors like your outdoor unit being surrounded by plants and rain falling directly on your outdoor unit will also accelerate the rusting process.

Air Conditioner Aging

Air conditioners typically have a lifespan of about 10-15 years and rusting is a normal part of aging. When your air conditioner unit is near its end of life, it will degrade due to regular wear and tear.

The aging signs such as rusting, high energy bills, weird AC noises and decreased airflow will start to appear once your air conditioner unit has reached its end of life.

How To Prevent Your Air Conditioning Unit From Rust

The only way to prevent rust is by focusing on preventative air conditioner maintenance. Regular inspection and cleaning your air conditioner will remove any dust or debris build-up that could cause rusting.

Here are 2 ways that can help you prevent your AC from rusting:

Clean Your ACs Filters

The easiest way to prevent your AC from rusting is by cleaning your ACs filters once every two weeks. With proper air conditioner filter maintenance, you will be able to minimize rusting.

Professional Inspection & Maintenance

If you want to protect your AC unit from rusting then you will need to conduct regular professional maintenance and inspection of your air conditioner.

The professional HVAC technicians will thoroughly examine your AC and make sure that it is in good working condition. They will also detect if there is rusting in any part of your air conditioner and will stop it from spreading.

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