Why we love this product.

  • Premium non-condensing design
  • Versatile for indoor or outdoor installation
  • Easy-to-use integrated control panel
  • Powerful max DHW input of 160,000 BTU/h


The NPN-160U Tankless Water Heater is a premium non-condensing unit designed for both residential and commercial applications. With a maximum DHW input of 160,000 BTU/h, this high-performance water heater ensures a constant and reliable supply of hot water. Its versatile design allows for installation either indoors or outdoors, providing flexibility and convenience.

NPN-160U Features

  • Exclusive stainless steel heat exchanger: The NPN series stands out as the only non-condensing tankless water heater with a stainless steel heat exchanger, delivering unparalleled durability and performance.
  • Integrated control panel: The NPN-160U features a user-friendly control panel that allows for easy adjustment of water temperature, monitoring of operation status, and troubleshooting.
  • Built-in Air Pressure Sensor (APS): The APS continuously monitors the vent system to detect any blockage and automatically compensates for different vent lengths, ensuring optimal air/gas ratio and consistent Domestic Hot Water output even in changing conditions.
  • Patented NaviTech stainless steel burner: Engineered by Navien, the NaviTech burner burns gas with remarkable efficiency, surpassing other systems available in the market.
  • Recirculation control: The NPN-160U incorporates a recirculation control directly on the circuit board, streamlining system setup and reducing the need for additional components, resulting in cost and time savings during installation.
  • Built-in Water Adjustment Valve (WAV) and Mixing Valve: Equipped with a WAV and Mixing Valve, this tankless water heater effectively controls water flow and stabilizes temperature, ensuring a consistent and comfortable hot water experience.

The NPN-160U Tankless Water Heater offers exceptional performance, reliability, and versatility, making it the ideal choice for any residential or commercial hot water needs.