Incredible Facts You Didn’t Know About Air Conditioners

As a Canadian, you are in a country often praised for having mild and pleasant summers. Yet, you can’t even think of spending your summer without a properly functioning air conditioner. According to Statique Canada, more than half of Canadian households use an air conditioner . On the other hand, some of the hottest parts of the world are least likely to have an air conditioning system. Although Central African countries are scorching hot, only about 5% to 6% of households have an air conditioner across the continent.

Similarly, most cities in India record temperatures between 40 °C to 48 °C or even 50 °C at times, also have only about 5% of households with ACs. If you are daring enough, try spending a day in Rajasthan. Even the mesmerizing castles and deserted landscapes will not be able to distract you from thinking about the way the heat is burning through every inch of your body. Comparatively, close to 90% of households in a country like the USA utilize air conditioners.

Astounding, isn’t it?

Well, there are a lot of other air conditioner facts that will certainly blow your mind. But what is the fun of just spilling out all the information in one go? As professional HVAC contractors, we have compiled a list of some amazing yet least known facts from across the globe for you in this blog post.

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The Idea Of Cooling Dates Back To As Early As 180 AD

Although electric fans, which can also be called the ancestors of air conditioning, have existed for over a millennium, modern air conditioners were not common until the mid-90s. But who would have thought that the first commercial cooling system was invented in 180 AD?

As astonishing as it may sound, an inquisitive man called Ting Huan designed an incredible fan with seven wheels, each with a diameter of around seven and a half feet. Surprisingly, a single person could operate this technical marvel, and it had the capacity to cool a huge hall full of people.

Fog On A Train Station In Pittsburgh Spurred The Idea Of ACs

Undeniably, inventors think differently from average individuals. They see potential in things we mostly take for granted. No one else paid attention to a falling apple besides Newton. Likewise, no one thought of inventing an air conditioner by merely examining the fog on a train station besides Willis Carrier in 1902.

Amazingly, his aim was to control excessive moisture in a publishing firm. He didn’t know that his attempts to keep his ink from running all over the place would one day be a source of solace when the sun became cruel.

The Output Of The First AC Was Measured Using Ice

Well, it was definitely a convenient starting point, although not a very impressive one. The thing is, in ancient times, large blocks of ice were used to cool spaces. So for ease of understandability, AC manufacturers measured the output of their ACs using the tons of ice that would be needed to provide the same level of cooling.

Ice Is Not The Oldest Form Of Cooling

We know that you would naturally conclude that ice was the ancient air conditioner. But that is not the case. Instead, water-soaked reeds were what was used as ancient cooling ‘devices’. In ancient Egypt, people hung wet reeds on windows so that the moisture would cool the air that blew through these reeds. Who says ancient people were illiterate? Undeniably, they sought out the best use of evaporative cooling mechanisms.

Summer Blockbusters Of The Mid-90s Owe Their Success To ACs

Like inventors, entrepreneurs are born with ultra-smart assessment skills. Theater owners in the early and mid-90s were well aware that the larger chunk of the population could not afford to install an air conditioner. As a result, they saw a lucrative and forethought business opportunity in this deprivation. They firstly invested generously in high-end air conditioners. To get the best return on their investments, they released most of their movies in the summer. Consequently, people rushed to cinemas and theaters to enjoy the comfort of their air conditioners rather than the movie itself.

Well played!

Where Is The World’s Largest Air Conditioning System?

After reading this blog up till now, this question must have crossed your mind. Unlike your guesses, the largest HVAC system is not the White House. The holy mosque in Mecca, Saudi Arabia, has the largest HVAC system in the world, featuring a refrigeration capacity of 135,000 tons.

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The Most Common Central Air Conditioner Problems In 2022

Like all electric devices, air conditioners require routine maintenance. Some smart gadgets, such as smart AC controllers, keep you up to speed on maintenance concerns. Nonetheless, you should also keep an eye on things on your own. Complications with central air conditioning systems occasionally occur, although they are usually not alarming. The majority of the time, these issues can be resolved quickly and don’t have any deeper causes.

The summer season is almost over, but your central air conditioning system unwaveringly continues its seasonal magic. Air conditioners, which are often neglected in the winter months, are once again the talk of the town, along with air conditioner issues.

But don’t worry!

As professional HVAC contractors , we have compiled a list of these frequent air conditioner problems in 2022. If you suspect that your AC is acting up and are unsure of what may be wrong, have a look at this blog post.

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AC Running All The Time

This might be a concern if your air conditioner is always operating. Although it is normal to leave your air conditioner running, you should allow your unit to rest and keep your thermostat temperature stable. If your air conditioner continues to run, it may necessitate a quick cleaning or repair.

Our crew swiftly helps its clients with any HVAC maintenance, installation, or repair needs, as well as answer any concerns they may have regarding their HVAC system.

Your AC Is Leaking Water

A small water leak is not a cause for concern when your air conditioner is operating on a hot or humid day. But if your AC unit is leaving large pools of water, it typically means you need to update your filter or get it cleaned.

Our experienced cooling and heating crew can provide rapid repairs and maintenance on your HVAC system as well as assistance with all of your household needs.

Your AC Is Making Loud Noises

On the whole, central air conditioners create a lot of noise. During startup, you might hear short clicks, clunking noises, squeals, or shudders. During operation, there is a steady, mild hum, with the odd gurgling.

However, be cautious of unexpected or loud noises (such as screeching or grinding). They might indicate major power issues. Blocked airflow creates some extreme sound effects, so adjust your filter first. If unexpected air conditioner noises continue to bother you, try to figure out the position and type of sound so you can explain it to your HVAC service for repair.

Your Air Conditioner Stinks

Smells from your central air conditioner can be perplexing as they don’t always originate from the unit itself. Instead, odours are dispersed throughout your house via the HVAC ducting. Two examples are a “rotten egg” fragrance from a natural gas leak or cigarette smoke from someone smoking indoors.

Other odours, such as burning, coolant, or exhaust, are caused by an air conditioner issue. However, the majority of other air conditioner odours indicate a serious issue. In such cases, turn off the system and call for immediate HVAC repair.

Damaged Compressor

The compressor is an essential AC component that aids refrigerants in heat exchange and regulates AC pressure. AC compressor failure may be caused by dirty coils, fluctuations in refrigerant levels, and a lack of maintenance.

If there is insufficient refrigerant, the compressor will overheat and stop operating. If there is more than what is needed, the extra refrigerant will generate substantial pressure in the unit, which might cause it to fail.

Your Air Conditioner Freezes Up

In the summer, you want your central air conditioning to be pleasant and cool but not freezing! A frozen air conditioner isn’t always a huge deal. However, ignoring it might lead to costly damage to the AC system.

Replace the air filter! Additionally, boost the thermostat level by a few degrees, especially before leaving for work or going to bed at night.

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Heat Pump Problems Encountered In The Summer

Although Canada is generally known as a cool country, the scorching summer weather in some areas often leaves its residents with no choice but to resort to air conditioners and central air conditioner systems. These systems depend on a heat pump to cool the air, hence, during the summer, problems with heat pumps are more noticeable mainly because they are in use most of the time.

Spotting problems with your heat pump in a timely manner can help you avoid expensive repairs and replacements. However, it is imperative that after diagnosing an issue, you get in touch with an HVAC contractor to carry out the repairs. To help save you the hassle of expensive repairs and replacements, in this blog we have listed some of the common symptoms of a malfunctioning AC heat pump.

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Strange Smells

You may notice strange smells in your house during the summer caused by your heat pump. Most smells are not a sign of concern but getting professional help is a good idea. Professional contractors can tell the cause of the smell and help you to fix the problem. Most problems with heat pumps usually start with a strange smell.

People often report a musty smell coming from their AC. This can be due to mold building up in your unit. When the unit runs, the condensation process occurs, but if proper drainage is not provided, it can become a place for mold to grow. Although the mold may not affect your unit in the beginning, it can affect the quality of the air resulting in health issues.

Another smell is a burning smell. A burning smell is due to the overheating of the unit caused by improper airflow. If you smell any strange smells coming from your heat pump, immediately seek professional assistance to get the issue fixed.

Increased Noise

If your heat pump suddenly starts making loud grinding or knocking sounds, it is something you should be concerned about. Your heat pump will never make unnecessary noise for no reason, there must be something causing the noise. Hence, it is advised that you get professional assistance to address the issue as soon as possible.

The extra noise from the unit can be caused by different things. If you hear banging noises, then your fan may be the issue. This problem needs to be addressed as soon as possible. Delaying it can cost you. If loud vibrations are heard, then something in the unit may be loose. So if you encounter any loud noises coming from the heat pump, you need to call a professional to address the issue.

Freezing Up

Another issue is that the heat pump may freeze up during the summer. This may not sound like a dire problem, however, finding ice on any part of the air conditioning system is not normal.

A frozen heat pump does not mean that your whole system has frozen, it means that the coil is frozen. When the coil gets frozen, other parts of the system have to work harder to cool the air. This increases energy consumption and produces a lackluster cooling effect.

One of the reasons for a freezing of coil is being low on refrigerant. When you’re low on refrigerant, the pressure of the system drops to cool the coil. Another reason may be dirty air filters preventing warm air from hitting the coil.

Running Constantly

If the heat pump works constantly, then it may not be able to work at its full potential. Heat pumps can only work properly if they don’t have to work all day long. If heat pumps are left to run constantly, they may have to overwork, causing an exponential increase in your electricity bills. Your heat pump may run constantly if you set the thermostat very low. If it’s down, then the heat pump will have to work very hard to attain an unrealistic number.

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When To Call A Professional Air Conditioning Repair Service

Most of us need the comfort of an air conditioner during the summer months, especially now when heat waves are becoming common in many areas. A malfunctioning air conditioner can frustrate most of us to a great extent.

Maintaining your air conditioning system in the best state possible is vital to get the best results and battle high heat and humidity. However, when your AC starts to malfunction, the first thought you may have is to try to repair it yourself.

Repairing an air conditioner is not a DIY procedure. Thus, you will need the help and expertise of professional HVAC contractors. If you are not experienced in dealing with such complex systems, you will damage the AC even more.

Therefore, it is crucial to rely on professional air conditioning repair and maintenance services to ensure your AC is working fine with the best settings.

If you are still unsure whether you need professional air conditioner repair and maintenance services, this blog post enlists the situations in which you will have to call an experienced technician.

Failure To Start

If you cannot turn on the AC, it is pretty evident that you need a professional and reliable AC repairing service. Inexperienced individuals can’t identify the cause behind this kind of failure because many factors can prevent an AC from starting in the first place.

Some common issues include clogged filters, polluted coils, malfunctioning motors, tripped circuit breakers, and potential leaks. Another major and common reason why your AC might not start is a damaged thermostat.

Whatever the reason might be, you should not try to identify it on your own. Avoid touching the electrical wires and components to prevent electrocution. Call a professional AC technician immediately. They will thoroughly check the air conditioning system to identify and fix the root problem.

A professional technician will thoroughly examine the AC and suggest the appropriate steps related to repairing and maintaining the entire air conditioning system.

Lack Of Airflow

Lack of airflow is another common issue in most ACs. It indicates that an AC is not working with maximum efficiency. Clogged wires can hamper the airflow and cause the AC to malfunction.

Other reasons behind the lack of airflow in ACs include issues with the air ducts and damaged filters or compressors. In such situations, the AC will not be able to cool down a room due to improper airflow. If you are experiencing this issue, you should call a repair professional to examine the unit and fix the problem thoroughly.

Loud Noises

Sometimes, an AC can start making strange and loud noises such as excessive buzzing, grinding, and clicking. If you hear such noises from your AC unit, it is in need of professional repair and maintenance services.

Common reasons behind this issue are a broken fan motor, polluted filters, worn-out components, leakage, and potential electrical problems. Whatever the reason, a well-trained technician can quickly diagnose the problem and repair your AC to ensure it is working with maximum efficiency.

Warm Air From The AC

No one wants their AC to start giving out warm air during the summer. It can make the environment highly uncomfortable and make you sweat excessively. Yet, it is also a common issue with many air conditioners to start blowing hot air instead of cold.

In such situations, you will have to immediately call a qualified AC repair technician to examine your unit and fix the issue. If you are experiencing such an issue, you should not delay calling a technician and getting your AC fixed as soon as possible.

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AC On/Off Frequently

If your AC starts and shuts down frequently, it can cause a significant increase in your energy bills and cause the system to wear down quickly. You should not ignore this issue as it can even damage your system irreversibly.

The best thing to do in such circumstances is to call a professional AC technician as soon as you experience any issue with your AC. Professionals have the modern tools to diagnose the root causes quickly and fix your AC.

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Is Excessive Refrigerant Harmful To Your Air Conditioner?

Refrigerant is an important component of an air conditioner, if it is not working properly, it will directly affect the cooling of your AC.

If the refrigerant levels fluctuate, it can affect the efficiency of your air conditioner. For instance, too much refrigerant is harmful to the air conditioner’s heat pumps.

So if your air conditioner is not working properly, you should get its refrigerant levels checked by a certified HVAC contractor.

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Also, it is true that if your air conditioner is not cooling properly, there might be a problem with its refrigerant levels, but this does not mean that every time your AC is not working properly, there is an issue with its refrigerant levels.

A common mistake that most people make is that they add too much refrigerant to their air conditioners, but what they don’t realize is adding too much refrigerant does more harm than good to their AC.

Therefore you should never make this mistake and should call a certified HVAC contractor who knows how to handle refrigerant levels properly, as only a professional can help you fix such issues.

A common reason why most people make this mistake is that they are unaware of refrigerant and its importance, so if you are also one of those, then don’t worry. Keep on reading this blog post, and you will learn why excessive refrigerant is harmful to your air conditioner.

Is Refrigerant A Liquid Or Gas?

The answer to this question is both, as refrigerant is a type of material that cycles between the liquid and gas phases depending upon where it is located.

Compared to water, refrigerant has a very low boiling point. It has a low boiling point so that it can absorb the (indoor heat) thermal energy and efficiently transfer it.

Also, when the refrigerant is collecting heat, it gets cold, which is an endothermic reaction. Endo means inside, so in an endothermic reaction, the heat travels into the refrigerant. Whereas when the refrigerant is shedding heat, it is called an exothermic reaction. Exo means outside, so when the heat is moving outside the refrigerant, it is called an exothermic reaction.

Signs Your Air Conditioner Has Too Much Refrigerant

A common problem that most people face is that they don’t know how to detect if their air conditioner has too much refrigerant. Here are some top signs that your AC has too much refrigerant.

Blows Extremely Hot Air

If your air conditioner blows extremely hot air instead of cool air, it is a sign that the level of refrigerant is too high. When your AC blows hot air from the condensing unit, then it means that your air conditioning system is finding it difficult to transfer enough heat outdoors. This happens when your refrigerant levels are too high, so in order to fix this problem, you will have to call a certified HVAC contractor.

Inefficient Operation

When refrigerant levels are high, it affects the compressor of your AC, and when the compressor does not work efficiently, it consumes a lot of energy.

Similarly, when the refrigerant levels of your AC are too high, it affects the other parts of your air conditioner and ultimately destroys the compressor of your air conditioner.

So if you are noticing a rapid increase in your energy bills, there is a high chance that the refrigerant levels have destroyed your air conditioner’s compressor. To fix this issue, you will need to get professional air conditioner repair services from a certified HVAC contractor.

AC Keeps On Shutting Off

If your air conditioner abruptly turns off during the day, then it is an indication that the refrigerant levels are too high. When the refrigerant levels are high, it puts pressure on the system, and the air conditioner turns off abruptly. So, if your air conditioning system keeps on shutting down, call a certified HVAC contractor and get its refrigerant levels fixed.

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Does Your Air Conditioner Freeze Up In The Summer? Here Is Why!

The steadily rising temperatures are proof that Vancouver is about to come face to face with some of the hottest days of the year. Although the hot season lasts barely three months in Vancouver, the heat in certain months become somewhat uncomfortable for its residents. For people who are usually accustomed to mild temperatures year-round, July is the most challenging time of the year.

When thermometer readings shoot up to about 23°C in July, Vancouver residents are often left breathless. At such times, their only source of solace, comfort, and contentment is a properly functioning air conditioner.

The feeling of gradually sipping a fruit shake in the comfort of a perfectly cooled room while watching the birds outside excitedly chirp and jump from tree to tree is incomparable. As enjoyable as it sounds, the usual AC hiccups and sudden pauses often ruin this summertime vibe. How can you enjoy watching the birds when you feel like you are melting in your chair?

As Vancouver’s most seasoned HVAC contractors, we understand your discomfort and feel your pain better than anyone else. As a result, we shall devote our attention today to one of the most common yet bizarre occurrences in summer – the freezing up of an AC. Yes, as strange as it sounds, an air conditioner can freeze up in the summer. For those who believe this phenomenon is bizarre, you might be surprised to learn that this is actually a common problem in almost every Canadian household.

For the purpose of this blog post, we shall explore the reasons behind why your AC may freeze up in summer and how you can prevent or correct the issue.

Thermostat Settings

Never let the heat overwhelm you and override your better judgment. When the temperatures shoot up, do not be in a hurry to set your thermostat at the lowest temperature and then forget about it. Instead, take the time to let your body adapt to the new temperature and then slightly change your thermostat settings.

Leaving your thermostat at a very low temperature setting can result in the freezing of your ACs coils. Thus, only place your thermostat at a low level when there is a heat wave, or the humidity is unbearably high.

Refrigerant Leakage

Refrigerant leaks are one of the biggest AC problems in summer. These usually pave the way for several other costly issues. A refrigerant is an expensive chemical element often found in appliances like ACs and refrigerators and is usually very difficult to replace.

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A refrigerant leak is often the primary culprit behind an inefficient and poorly-performing air conditioner. This leakage often causes the AC to lose its strength and pressure, which results in the nearby water vapour solidifying into ice. In order to avoid a chain of costly repairs and replacements, consider requesting reliable Air conditioning repair services as soon as you suspect a refrigerant leak.

Faulty Fan

The best way to identify a faulty or malfunctioning blower fan is to be alert to any strange rattling noises. Similarly, a slower propelling or no movement at all clearly signifies a damaged blower fan. In turn, this faulty fan restricts proper air flow which results in condensation and ultimately the freezing up of an AC. If your blower fan is damaged, get it fixed immediately.

Damaged Ductwork

Damaged ductwork also results in poor airflow, which eventually translates into a frozen AC. As apparent from the discussion thus far, no AC issue occurs independently. Oftentimes, one issue invites a chain of others. We understand that it is difficult for an average homeowner with limited technical knowledge to watch out for all these issues.

In our opinion, the best solution at your disposal is to request regular air conditioner maintenance and inspections to detect and eradicate these issues in their initial phases.

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Blocked Air Filters

From the discussion, you must have noticed that poor airflow is often the main culprit behind a frozen AC. Clogged or dirty filters also result in an inadequate air flow which causes the water around the AC coils to freeze. In order to avoid this, you must clean your filters regularly and replace them every 90 days to ensure optimum performance.

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Loose Or Blocked Drainage Lines

Filters are not the only components that undergo a blockage due to dirt buildup. Drainage lines face a similar issue. When this happens, the dirt disrupts the water flow, which results in the overflow of the drip tray due to excess water. The overflowing water then freezes when it comes into contact with the cold coils. A similar situation occurs when the condensate drainage lines have a leakage.

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Big Mistakes You’re Making With Your Air Conditioner

All-time high temperatures are breaking records due to global warming. An upward trend is literal and figurative in the electricity bills that come after using air conditioners non-stop in an attempt to kill this heat. However, knowingly or unknowingly you are doing things that come as mistakes and deteriorate the effectiveness and efficiency of your air conditioner.

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The following blog explains some common mistakes that can hurt your air conditioner and some simple adjustments that can make it easy for your lungs and pocket too.

You Aren’t Changing Or Cleaning Your AC Filters

The filters in your AC trap all the dust that comes in with the hot air it is extracting from the interior of your home. The dust trapped in the filters can block the air exchange thus hindering the effectiveness of your system.

Therefore, the biggest mistake you can commit is not changing your AC filters regularly. The bare minimum you can do if not change then at least wash the filters once a month. It is a recommended practice by all air conditioner maintenance experts to change your air filters at least twice a year. This small action will help to keep your AC functional for a longer period of time.

You Aren’t Having Your System Serviced Annually

You can be doing everything right with your AC or split unit, but still, it will start losing its efficiency over time. It is natural, however, you can slow down the process by getting your unit serviced annually. The servicing involves thorough cleaning and making sure that the level of refrigerant gas in the air conditioner is up to the optimum level. So, call a quality HVAC contractor who holds expertise in installing, repairing, and maintenance of all HVAC system appliances.

You Don’t Have A Programmable Thermostat

You are surely a superhero if you don’t forget to program the thermostat every time you leave the house. However, if you are like the rest of us then a smart and programmable thermostat can save hundreds of dollars for you annually. It will automatically adjust the temperature for those times of the day when you are at work or away from home.

Moreover, having a mobile-controlled smart thermostat can give you more control over the temperature of your home with greater convenience.

You Are Setting Your Thermostat Too Low

Research shows that the human body can adapt to temperatures really quickly, almost within a week or two. So, if you lower the settings of your air conditioner by one degree you can lower your bill by 3%. Not to mention the immense environmental benefits you’ll get by using your air conditioner less.

Hence, it is unnecessary to create a winter-like situation in your home by overworking your cooling system. Doing so will not only increase your electricity bill but also lower the working life of your air conditioning system.

You Are Not Taking Full Advantage Of Fans

Any fan, especially a ceiling fan can immensely help in circulating the cool air inside your home. Switching them on will take off some of the burden from your air conditioner. Here is a tip: make sure that your fans are moving counterclockwise in the summer, this will increase the airflow and circulation.

You Are Cooling Empty Rooms

In the case of a central cooling system, it is possible that the vents of your AC open in every room of your house. This means that you are cooling a lot of real estate that may not be in use on a daily basis. Cooling empty rooms are nothing but just a waste of energy and power for your air conditioner. By cooling empty rooms you are overworking your AC unit causing it to lose its effectiveness and wear out earlier.

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How Often Should I Get My Air Conditioner Serviced?

Air conditioner maintenance is crucial to keep it working accurately and provide energy-efficient services. Also, regular air conditioner service reduces the risk of damage to its machinery. Additionally, timely service of every air conditioner is important even the biggest AC units can get damaged if not serviced at the right time.

Generally speaking, an air conditioner requires a good service routine, you should get your air conditioner serviced after every 6 months. More appropriately, after and before the summer season. As a newly serviced air conditioner will give better performance during the summer season.

Moreover, AC servicing ensures that the air conditioner machinery is in good condition and the air conditioner is clean from the inside.

Besides that, hiring an HVAC contractor for the maintenance and service of your air conditioner can help you get reliable maintenance with professional techniques. Additionally, a professional technician can tell you if there are any defects in your AC or if any of its parts need repairing.

However, you can also do air conditioner service on your own but, you will not be able to get the desired results and efficient performance. As a result, your effort and time will be wasted. For this reason, it is recommended to have permanent contact with a professional service technician who can regularly service your air conditioner.

Benefits Of Getting Services From An Air Conditioner Maintenance Provider

Having a contract with a certified air conditioning service provider can benefit you in many ways. Firstly, you will get the finest air conditioning services from certified technicians which will minimize the chances of any damage.

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Moreover, during peak service season, everyone tries to get their air conditioner serviced before the summer season begins. Therefore service providers give priority to their regular customers, due to which you can get your air conditioner serviced easily. In fact, you can get AC services from the senior technicians of your maintenance provider.

In addition to the priority, the service providers can give you discounts so that you can get professional services at low rates.

After How long Should I Get Professional Service?

After understanding the benefits of following a maintenance routine for your air conditioner let’s discuss how often you should get the system serviced. The answer is it depends on various factors:


The air conditions which are used frequently require more maintenance. The reason is the units which are used more often get polluted due to air pollution. Hence these air conditioners require services to clean their parts and replace or clean their filters.

Henceforth, an air conditioner that is used for at least 12 hours a day should be serviced after every three to four months.


If you live in a good atmosphere with low air pollution then your air conditioner can be serviced after six months. Whereas, if you live in a polluted area with lots of air pollution then your air conditioner will require early service due to pollution and its filters being filled with impurities and dust particles.


During the winter season, air conditioners do not require maintenance as they are not operational. Contrary to this in the summer season air conditioners are operational for almost 24 hours a day and therefore require more maintenance to work efficiently.

Moreover, because of high usage, you might even need air conditioner service in the middle of the summer season.

Steps Involved In Air Conditioner Service

In air conditioner service, the basic purpose is to clean the unit from the inside and outside. To do so, the air conditioner is unlocked, its inside parts are cleaned with a cloth, and its filters are removed and cleaned from the dust and debris stuck in them. Additionally, a performance check is made after closing the air conditioner panel. In order to check its performance, the AC is tested on the lowest temperature which you can set on a hot day.

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Shutting Down The Furnace For The Summer

We are well into the time when the dependable gas furnace in your Vancouver home will no longer need to provide its warmth until we come across the fall again. Canadian winters and summers make the HVAC system work a lot, causing a serious hike in utility bills. However, there are many ways you can control the steepness in your utility bill graph: one of them is by completely or partially shutting down the furnace in the summer.

However, certain factors need to be taken into consideration when it comes to a furnace shutdown. As professional HVAC contractors , we believe it is our duty to enlighten you regarding the matter. The following blog aims to explain furnace shutdown and why it is needed in detail.

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What Does A Furnace Shutdown Mean?

You might think, “of course, I will shut down my furnace in the summer! All I have to do is ensure that the thermostat is set at a point where heat won’t come out.” But what you are thinking is not shutting down. It is simply turning off the furnace.

When it is recommended to shut down the furnace, it means to cut off the gas or electricity supply completely. In this manner, the furnace will not waste energy, and you can control unwanted hikes in your utility bills.

Moreover, other components that you need to look into when shutting down your furnace include checking its bearings, pilot light, motor, and heater exchange. By taking care of these aspects, you will ensure that your furnace will be ready to work again when temperatures fall again.

Why Does Your Furnace Use Energy In The Summer?

If you have a furnace that has a pilot light to ignite the system’s burners, the pilot light will waste energy in the summer. During this time of the year, you don’t want to switch your furnace on suddenly. Therefore, there is no need to keep the pilot turned on. So, shut the valve, and your pilot will go out and turn off.

This action will save you money and have a positive impact on the lifetime of your furnace as well.

A gas furnace also has some electrical connections, such as sensors. These can also needlessly draw power to the furnace in the summer. This will only add to the already high electricity bills of the summer months. It is recommended that you shut down the electrical connection of the furnace through the electrical breaker panel.

This will also prevent the furnace from turning on accidentally when someone is playing with the thermostat or during a small cold snap. Shutting down a furnace can be a tricky task. It is better to leave the job to a furnace professional. In case anything goes wrong, always contact a professional for furnace-related services.

Partial Furnace Shutdown

If you have a central air conditioning HVAC system, then you should not shut the electrical components of your furnace from the breaker. This is because in a central HVAC system, the air conditioner and furnace both use the same blower fan and electrical components. Thus, turning off the furnace’s electrical components will turn off the AC as well!

However, it is still recommended to go for partial closure of the furnace by just shutting down the gas components of the furnace. You can save on your utility bills as well as avoid any unwanted wear and tear to the furnace that can decrease its functional life.

Shutting Down Helps Increase Appliance Safety

Although your furnace was designed keeping safety in mind as its top priority, gas leaks and combustion are never completely out of the equation. Shutting down the furnace means you are shutting down one of the major gas-using appliances for the season. Hence, the chances of potential leak hazards are decreased.

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Tips To Use Your AC Efficiently In The Summer

Air conditioners are considered an integral part of every household, especially in the summer. They are important not only for your household but also for your workplaces and industrial or commercial stores. Living indoors without a properly working AC in summer can be quite hard and can get a little uncomfortable. In such circumstances, turning on your AC and using it continuously 24 hours a day becomes necessary to maintain a comfortable temperature inside your home.

However, many people worry about paying hefty electricity bills. Therefore, they look for ways in which they can share their AC efficiently and reduce their electricity bills. So how can you operate your air conditioning units effectively, and is there any way of economically using an air conditioner? The answer is that it is possible to operate your air conditioning systems to limit electricity consumption. Let’s explore some ways you can use your AC efficiently this summer.

Set The Right Temperature

One of the effective ways to reduce your electricity bills by using your air conditioner and increase its efficiency is to set the right temperature levels. Various studies have shown that about 6% of electricity is saved for every degree we raise the temperature.

Therefore, as you keep lowering your AC’s temperature, its compressor has to work for a longer time, thereby shooting up your electricity bill. Set your air conditioner from about 27 °C up to 29 °C. This way, you can reduce the frequent restarts, especially if your air conditioning unit has DC inverter technology. It will consume less power during the operation, and a constant temperature will be maintained in your room.

Turn On Sleep Mode

Another option that many air conditioners offer is the sleep mode. In this mode, air conditioners can decrease the level of the indoor temperature up to the desired level and go into standby mode when the temperature is achieved. Therefore, you can feel the desired amount of coolness in your room without spending extra money and getting sick because of the continuous running of your air conditioners at night.

Keep Windows And Doors Closed

One mistake many people make is that they don’t shut their doors and windows properly and seal them. As a result, much of the cool air is wasted. Therefore, you must ensure that all your windows are sealed tightly and pull the curtains so that the sun’s heat doesn’t enter your room. Also, turn off heavy devices such as TV’s and computers as they generate a lot of heat and make your AC work harder.

In addition to this, avoid using ovens and projectors during the summer, as heat can affect your AC’s performance.

Select The Right Air Conditioning Unit

If you are about to buy an air conditioning unit and are thinking of how to use it efficiently, a key requirement is to choose the right kind of air conditioning unit. Choose the correct size of air conditioning unit and the right inverter technology to consume less power. Choosing a smaller unit that doesn’t suit your space will end up costing you more on power consumption due to its reduced performance.

Get Help From Air Conditioning Services

If you think something is wrong with your AC and it requires servicing and cleaning, hire an air conditioning service company to ensure that the cool air reaches your room. They will repair and replace any dirty filters, which can lower the AC’s energy consumption.


Installing the correct AC and maintaining it is key to its effective performance all year. Moreover, some helpful tips above can help you reduce your electricity bills and use your AC efficiently.

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